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The 10 Best 75 Gallon Aquarium of 2022

It can be difficult to buy a 75 gallon aquarium online without feeling anxious. There are a lot of things to consider before finalizing your purchase. For example, you might worry about how the product will arrive or if it’s good enough for your needs. It’s also hard to know if the company is reliable. To help you feel more confident in your purchases, we’ve made a list of the top 10 75 gallon aquarium for our readers.

1BAOSHISHAN 300L Aquarium Chiller 75gal 1/3 HP Fish Tank Chiller ... Top Pick

BAOSHISHAN 300L Aquarium Chiller 75gal 1/3 HP Fish Tank Chiller …

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2Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Fish Tank, Fish Net, ... Best Quality

Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Fish Tank, Fish Net, …

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3Flipper Wildwood 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Rustic White Recommended

Flipper Wildwood 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Rustic White

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4Landen 100P 50 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank, 39.37

Landen 100P 50 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank, 39.37″ …

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5Penn-Plax Water World Luxury Large Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium with ...

Penn-Plax Water World Luxury Large Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium with …

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6LANDEN Aquarium Stand and Cabinet, Fish Tank, Nano Foam Leveling ...

LANDEN Aquarium Stand and Cabinet, Fish Tank, Nano Foam Leveling …

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7TitanEze | Double Aquarium Stand (2 Stands in 1) | ...

TitanEze | Double Aquarium Stand (2 Stands in 1) | …

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8REPTIZOO Large Glass Reptile Terrarium 48

REPTIZOO Large Glass Reptile Terrarium 48″ x 24″ x 24″, …

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9LED Aquarium Kit Upright Fish Tank Large Glass Fishbowl Glsaa ...

LED Aquarium Kit Upright Fish Tank Large Glass Fishbowl Glsaa …

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10REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium, 48

REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium, 48″ x 24″ …

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Review of 75 Gallon Aquarium

Top Pick

BAOSHISHAN 300L Aquarium Chiller 75gal 1/3 HP Fish Tank Chiller ...

1. BAOSHISHAN 300L Aquarium Chiller 75gal 1/3 HP Fish Tank Chiller …

  • Manufacturer: BAOSHISHAN


  • [Constant Stable Temperature]–Pure titanium evaporator achieves the most efficient heat exchanging, corrosion resistant, for both fresh and salt water. The temperature of the AL-300L chiller can be well controlled at 68-79F/20-26°C, the ideal temperature range for your aquarium or hydroponics system.
  • [High-efficiency Freon Free Compressor]–This 75gal aquarium chiller adopts a energy-saving refrigeration compressor, using r134a refrigerant, circulating cooling without pollution and do not need to be supplemented.
  • [Built-in Fan for Fast Cooling]–The two built-in fans can dissipate compressor heat well, so that the compressor can work efficiently for a long time. In addition, there are a large number of heat dissipation holes on both sides of the chiller, so there must be a space of 6 inch/15cm around the chiller to ensure good air circulation.
  • [Safety Protection Function ]–The water cooler is equipped with an overcurrent automatic shutdown protection system and a power-off temperature memory system. After powering off and restarting, the chiller will continue to cool according to the original set temperature.
  • [One Year Warranty]–BAOSHISHAN take the responsibility of one year warranty for this water chiller, please don’t worry, professional and friendly after-sales team will help you solve any problem, and you only need to enjoy the convenience it brings.

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Best Quality

Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Fish Tank, Fish Net, ...

2. Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Fish Tank, Fish Net, …

  • Brand: Tetra
  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands Pet LLC
  • Dimensions: Height: 16.4 Inches Width: 24.4 Inches Length: 51.9 Inches Weight: 79.0 Pounds `


  • LARGE ENVIRONMENT: Larger environments can house more fish or a greater variety of fish. Maintains water temperature. Essential for tropical fishkeeping
  • KIT INCLUDES: one 55 gallon tank, EasyBalance Plus, TetraMin, AquaSafe, 6” fish net, 200W heater, WPF 60 Filter, Stick on digital thermometer, 24” Tetra hinged hood x 2, 2 plant multipacks and a boxwood plant, TetraCare brochure and instruction sheet
  • LED LIGHTING: Included lighting adds the natural daylight effect to your aquarium, giving you illuminated viewing of the entire space
  • ACTUAL TANK DIMENSIONS: 48.25″ L x 12.80″ W x 20.90″ H
  • WEIGHT: This aquarium tank weighs approximately 79 lb by itself. With water, total tank weight can reach 521 lb.
  • COMPLETE YOUR COMBO WITH THE MAJESTY STAND: The Perfecto Majesty Stand (ASIN: B00BUFU77U) properly supports the weight of this tank, while also providing storage for supplies.

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Flipper Wildwood 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Rustic White

3. Flipper Wildwood 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Rustic White

  • Brand: Flipper
  • Manufacturer: Dorel – Multiple – Parent – DROPSHIP
  • Color: Rustic White
  • Dimensions: Height: 15.75 Inches Width: 30.0 Inches Length: 50.0 Inches Weight: 113.08 Pounds `


  • Add a touch of rustic style to your living room with the Wildwood 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand for tanks up to 55 gallons or 660 lbs
  • The stand is crafted from a weathered white wood veneer and has laminated particleboard with dark gray metal hardware accents to make it a sleek design to fit into any rustic, transitional or shabby chic living space
  • The 4 doors open up to 4 spacious shelves to house your fish food, nets, water treatments and more
  • Coordinate your living room with the Wildwood Fireplace TV Stand to carry on the rustic feel
  • Each aquarium stand ships flat to your door and need to be assembled upon opening. The stand holds a 55 gallon tank or 660 lbs. Each shelf holds up to 15 lbs. Assembled dimensions: 30”H x 50”W x 15.75”D. Two adults are recommended for proper assembly

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Landen 100P 50 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank, 39.37

4. Landen 100P 50 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank, 39.37″ …

  • Brand: LANDEN
  • Manufacturer: LANDEN
  • Color: clear
  • Dimensions: Height: 17.72 Inches Width: 17.72 Inches Length: 39.37 Inches Weight: 125.6 Pounds `


  • [Rich landscape application] Rich landscape design, suitable for all kinds of scenes.
  • [Chance of Ultra-white Vat] 10mm thick heavy-duty glass with high light transmittance and low iron, 91% transparency, bezel-less design, and wide vision brings you an immersive viewing experience.
  • [High quality manufacturing standard] Standard right Angle, mirror edge grinding, accurate size, uniform joints, smooth feel.
  • [Fish Tank Specification] 39.37″ L x 17.72″ W x 17.72″ H(100cm x 45cm x 45cm), 10mm thick.Approx 48.98 gallon
  • [Packing, transportation and gifts] Net weight: 99 pounds, steel frame wooden box packing, packing weight 125.6 pounds; Free EVA material fish tank cushioning pad; Professional packaging, transportation safety is guaranteed.

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Penn-Plax Water World Luxury Large Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium with ...

5. Penn-Plax Water World Luxury Large Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium with …

  • Brand: Penn-Plax
  • Manufacturer: Penn-Plax
  • Dimensions: Height: 60.6 Inches Width: 15.2 Inches Length: 39.5 Inches


  • MODERN DESIGN FOR MODERN HOMES: Our Large Bow Front Acrylic 58 Gal Aquarium features a matching glossy black base and top cover, with a single accented gold line along the bottom of both. This tall and sleek design blends seamlessly with most home décor. Great for Freshwater and Saltwater setups.
  • SAVES FLOOR SPACE: In addition to providing a full 360° view of your fish’s environment, this durable and strong acrylic tank will save you space within your home. You don’t have to compromise aquatic volume for horizontal square footage! Furthermore, you are also free to build vertically inspired setups and Aquascapes!
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE TOP: The filtration and aeration systems are constructed specifically for this tank, and for your convenience. While filtration is setup directly atop the tank via a tightly sealed and transparent lid, the glossy black top sits atop of that, and contains a storage compartment for the electrical power strip and air pump.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: Tank, Bottom Stand, Top Cover, Customizable Filtration Column / Lid, Filtration Media, Dual Outlet Air Pump, Integrated Tubing System and Bubble Wall, Water Pump, Bottom Drainage System, Remote Controlled Mufti-Color LED Light, and Electrical Power Strip.
  • SHIPS IN 3 BOXES: Because of the overall size, this item ships in 3 boxes that are shrink wrapped together on a pallet for a freight delivery. We will contact buyer to arrange shipping date prior to shipment and failure to confirm a shipping date will result in the order being cancelled. and please note that refusal of delivery, or return not due to shipping damage, may be subject to a 50% restocking fee. All other Amazon return policies also apply.

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LANDEN Aquarium Stand and Cabinet, Fish Tank, Nano Foam Leveling ...

6. LANDEN Aquarium Stand and Cabinet, Fish Tank, Nano Foam Leveling …

  • Brand: LANDEN
  • Manufacturer: LANDEN
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: Height: 7.0 Inches Width: 24.0 Inches Length: 48.0 Inches Weight: 129.0 Pounds `


  • 【Stable and Modern Design】contemporary design, especially for the rimless aquarium, to present a minimalist style. The modern and simple design can match any decoration in your home seamlessly, spacious storage space for large aquarium equipment. Simple style, black and white, embodies the overall aesthetics. The edge of the cabinet adopts German sealing edge treatment technology, making a perfect seamless appearance.
  • 【Humanized Features】The black nano foam leveling pad at the top of the stand provides cushioning and protecting. The spring plungers makes the door easy to open and close. Painted matte surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, easy to clean. The hinges are made of 304 stainless steels, which is corrosion-resistant and more suitable for aquariums.The stand has openings in the back for tubing for canister filter and CO2 hoses.
  • 【User-Friendly Material】The material made for this cabinet is safe, eco-friendly. The stands use environment-friendly wooden plate, formaldehyde emission less than 0.06mg/m³, zero aldehyde addition in the process of cutting plate, row drill, engraving milling, sealing edge. The surface is using paint made of non-hydrophilic eco-friendly materials.
  • 【Easy to Setup】Installation instructions and spare parts are provided in the package. Thanks to its manufacture using CNC opening and CNC precision drilling, the precision is very high, making all the components easy to assemble in minutes.
  • 【Specification】Dimensions:W47.2xD19.7xH33.9 inches(120x50x86 cm); Color: Gloss White Painted; Support: Up to 72.3 gallons tank. Two stands can be placed side by side to support 145.5gallons or larger aquarium tanks.
  • 【Adjustable Door】The door hinge has an adjustable screw to slightly adjust the position of the door if misaligning with the edge, shown as the photo, you can easily turn the adjustable screw anticlockwise to move the door a bit left, and visa versa, you can adjust the door to the right a bit.
  • 【Come with Hinge Cover& Pipe Tie and Fixture Sticker】After adjusting the door to a proper position you can mount the hinge cover which protects the screws. Push the cover on the hinge until you hear a click sound.Use the Pipe Tie and Fixture Sticker To fix the layout of the cable and pipes inside of the cabinet, keep the interior neat and organized.

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TitanEze | Double Aquarium Stand (2 Stands in 1) | ...

7. TitanEze | Double Aquarium Stand (2 Stands in 1) | …

  • Brand: Caitec
  • Manufacturer: Caitec Bird Toys
  • Dimensions: Height: 32.0 Inches Width: 50.5 Inches Length: 18.5 Inches


  • STRONG AND DURABLE: TitanEze Double Stand for fish aquarium, bird cage, or other small animal tanks features double wall construction, heavy duty polymer feet; Our stands are powder coated and resistant to rust and water damage
  • SPACE SAVING: Save valuable floor space with our 2-tier stand for fish tanks and aquariums; This stand can hold two same-size fish tanks, birdcages, or other pet habitats
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: No tools required for assembly of TitanEze aquarium stands! With a fully knock-down design, this aquarium stand assembles in just minutes
  • VERSATILE: With its sleek design, this stand will make a stylish addition to your home, office, classroom, or lab
  • 2 TIER: Both top and bottom shelves can hold one 75 gallon tank each

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REPTIZOO Large Glass Reptile Terrarium 48

8. REPTIZOO Large Glass Reptile Terrarium 48″ x 24″ x 24″, …

  • Brand: REPTI ZOO
  • Manufacturer: REPTI ZOO
  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: Height: 24.0 Inches Width: 24.0 Inches Length: 48.0 Inches


  • 【360° FULL VIEW PATENT DESIGN REPTILE TERRARIUM】Made of high quality tempered glass, this 120 gallon terrarium is more sturdy and safe. The side panels have been updated to all glass and there is no mesh now. It is a pleasure to watch and enjoy the activity of animals from the all glass terrarium of 360° full view.(Please do not drill holes on tempered glass, the glass may be crack)
  • 【LARGE HABITAT TANK FOR REPTILE AMPHIBIAN】Size of this large terrarium is 48”(W) x 24”(D) x 24”(H), suitable for reptile and amphibian such as bearded dragon, adult pogona viticeps, young adult sulcata tortoise, juvenile aldabrachelys gigantea, red leg tortoise, leopard tortoise, radiated tortoise, adult python regius, boa constrictor and adult hedgehog and the large tank(120 gallon) provides vast room for reptiles pets to move around.
  • 【EASY MAINTENANCE & MORE UVB PENETRATION】Front sliding opening door allows easy access for maintenance and feeding your pets and larger-woven screen top ventilation for more UVB and infrared penetration, the top screen is completely removable for easy access while decorating or cleaning, which also allows you to create realistic animal habitats for your reptile pets easily.
  • 【WATERPROOF RAISED BOTTOM】Raised bottom plate provides adequate ventilation and enough spaces for accessories such as UTH(under tank heater). And waterproof bottom provides a comfortable living environment for amphibians.
  • 【AFTER-SALE SERVICE】Our terrarium is packaged carefully with thick foam and heavy box of tough cardboard, every package has passed the drop-test from 5 ft high. It is easy assembly with all parts and instruction included. If there is any problem or damage when receiving, please feel free to contact us. Free replacement service provided for damaged parts.

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LED Aquarium Kit Upright Fish Tank Large Glass Fishbowl Glsaa ...

9. LED Aquarium Kit Upright Fish Tank Large Glass Fishbowl Glsaa …

  • Brand: RGTQ
  • Manufacturer: qimao
  • Dimensions: Height: 49.6 Inches Width: 15.8 Inches Length: 47.3 Inches Weight: 390.0 Pounds `


  • Ships from Sayreville NJ US.
  • Please provide accurate phone number when purchasing large items.
  • The fish tank is made of high-quality low-iron tempered ultra-white transparent glass, which can withstand the damage and impact in daily life, and is very durable. Resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and acids/alkali. The visible light transmittance is greater than 91.5%. The thickness of glass: 0.47 inches.
  • White120cm 47.3*49.6*15.8in Water Actual Capacity: 124 Gallons. Including professional aquatic LED tri-color lighting source. It can breed marine life, corals, Arowanas, aquatic plants, and landscape water features. Add a sense of luxury to your home or office.
  • Suitable for terrace living Office room and kitchen
  • The most fashionable design in 2022, every detail reflects the modern design concept. and you can clearly see each aquatic plant. The pet fish swims gracefully in front of you. A better immersive experience. Give your pet water creatures a hide and relax luxury home. Product weight: 390lb. Water Total Actual Capacity: 124 Gallons.

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REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium, 48

10. REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium, 48″ x 24″ …

  • Brand: REPTI ZOO
  • Manufacturer: REPTI ZOO


  • 2 in 1 Reptile Terrarium[Patent Design]. We prepare1 mesh panel and 1 glass panel for left side of terrrarium. Mesh vent panel and glass panel can be easily switched for 2 different uses. (Mesh vent panel can be for better balance of moisture and ventilation. )
  • Size of Reptile Tank RK0226P: 48″ x 24″ x 18″. Made with quality thick and extremely high hardness tempered glass base for more safety. Tough screen top provides ventilation and allows uvb and infrared penetration, optimum airflow and dome lighting.
  • Raised bottom frame in order to fit a substrate heater; Waterproof bottom makes this tank can be used both as desert terrarium and rainforest tank. Prepared 6 inlets on top and right for wires and tubing, an extra cable pass allows 4 wires more to pass through.
  • Front doors can open separately, easy to feed your pet and prevent escape(suitable for ball python)
  • Easy to install or knock-down in 5 minutes with step by step instructions; IMPORTANT NOTICE: All glasses are upgraded to tempered glasses. DO NOT cut or punch any holes on the glass, otherwise it will be damaged.

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